Awesome Abstract Tattoos Sketches

You may not know it, but tattoos were around since primitive times. Many very old human findings have been found with tattoos all over their bodies, proving the fact that tattooing has been done for thousands of years. In the 20th century tattooing once again became in style and today, tattooing is all the rage. There are three types of tattoos: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Deciding on a tattoo that says “you” can be tough because there are a vast number of designs.


Let’s discuss about some of the more favorite choices of tattoos.


Tribal Tattoos

Apart from the regular colored ones, tribal tattoos are made in darker colors and are particularly sought-after. Also favored by girls, tribal tattoos however, look more masculine and aggressive. Abstract tribal tattoos and tribal dragon tattoos are the most popular tattoo designs for men. Tribal tattoos are more imaginative and abstract and definitely very attractive.


Star Tattoos

Stars generally mean aspirations, goals, or something you are reaching for. A star tattoo demonstrates that same explanation. You could get a star tattoo to signify a new beginning in your life, a new goal, or to mark something significant in your life. Star tattoos stand for dreams or great choices.


Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies signifies beauty and grace. They are also a mark of transformation and metamorphosis. If you have been through some change in your life, the butterfly is a great tattoo for you.


Japanese Tattoos

A fundamental part of the allure of traditional Japanese tattoos are in the potential of the designs to evolve over time, from small different individual tattoos, to wonderful themes that can cover the entire arm, back, or leg. Every Japanese tattoo has a completely different explanation.


Fairy Tattoos

Fairies are a mythological female creature and are said to have special powers and also thought of as a messenger of peace. A fairy’s powers are said to help a person in need. They do not harm anyone. It is believed that fairies are guards for protection against bad spirits. Fairy tattoos represent childhood, protection, serenity, beauty, innocence, and youth. They are very popular with women because of their dainty, angel like characteristics. Fairy tattoos have quite a few meanings and are a favorite tattoo designs among ladies.


Dragon Tattoos

Dragons mean totally different things in various cultures. In eastern countries, tattoos are thought to be signs of wealth and fertility, in western countries, dragons are looked at as an incarnation of the all that is bad and destroyer of home and serenity. Common places fro dragon tattoos are on the shoulders, upper arm, chest, lower back, and ankles.


Kanji Tattoos

Kanjis are more a style of tattoo. If you are intending on getting a kanji be sure that: what you are getting means a lot to you; it is going to age well; and it is right in it’s meaning. You do not want your kanji tattoo to represent something completely different because you were told the improper meaning.


And there you go! The top seven tattoo designs and what they imply. Now, all you have to do is decide what type of pattern is right for your next tattoo!


Come check out all types of cool abstract tattoos and tons of hot motifs to get ideas for your next tattoo visit: Abstract Tattoos now! Or for cool tattoo books go to Tattoo Books today. Thank you for reading!

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