Celebrity Tattoos! – Hottest Tattoos on the Biggest Hollywood Stars

www.CuteTattoDesigns.com Here are Hot Celebrity tattoos. View here Celebrity Tattoos-the Hottest Tattoos on the Biggest Hollywood Stars Celebrity Tattoos are HOT! Here you will see the Hottest Tattoos on some of the Biggest Stars in Hollywood. Singer Amy Winehouse has many tattoos, including this pinup girl on her arm that actually looks like her. Model Katie Price has a crown with “Princess” for her daughter inked on her wrist along with the name of her ex husband. Recently she had a big crossed over his name. The tribal design on the face of Boxer Mike Tyson was originally going to be a bunch of small hearts on his face, until a friend suggested he go with the tribal art work. Actress Alyssa Milano has several tattoos including a rosary on her back. Reality star Audrina Patridge has a bright Asian ideogram on her neck. She also has one on her arm. Hollywood star Christina Ricci has many small tattoos all over her body, including this lion on her back. Soccer Star David Beckham, has a number of tattoos all. Among those on his back are the names of his sons and an angel. These paw prints on the chest Grammy Award winning singer Eve, have become a highly copied tattoo design. Hollywood starlett Megan Fox has several tattoos including Marilyn Monroe’s portrait on her arm. Academy Award Winning Actress Charlize Theron, has a small fish on her ankle.he also has a flower on her foot At last count Johhny Depp was said to have 13 tattoos including Johnny Depp has at least 13

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