Multiple Sclerosis Music Video – Tattoo

After singing along to this song by Jordin Sparks I realised some of the lyrics reminded me of MS… MS is kind of like having a tattoo – it’ll always be there… we’ve got to learn to live with it… (hopeul for a cure though!!) So I decided to make a video to show my thoughts using the song and some pictures! (PS all the pictures of tattoos are ‘photoshopped’ by me!) UPDATE: since putting this video on here and listening to the song more and more, the more the lyrics remind me of MS, please ignore the orange/white connection with the lyrics and just kind of look at the pictures and all of the lyrics. pretty much every part of this song makes so much sense. and also please join my facebook group: “I have Multiple Sclerosis and I’m Fabulous!” because we are 🙂 Hey i’m hayley. I live in Coventry, England I thought, seeing as my MS Music Video is getting quite popular i’d better write a little bit about myself in here 🙂 i love messing about with windows movie maker and songs, when i set my heart on a project i spend weeks or months making a video. usually just for family and friends to watch and laugh! (one of my most favourite i couldnt get onto youtube for copywrite reasons d’oh) but it’s on facebook and got a few laughs 🙂 that was my aim. actually most of the videos i managed to get on youtube have now been audio disabled too grr…. lol. but this one has been allowed god bless sony entertainment 🙂 raising awareness through the art of music is

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