Tattoo Designs – What Are the Hottest and Sexiest Tattoo Designs?

At an early age of fifteen, a teenager would love to get a tattoo. The reason? Simply because this form of body art symbolizes individuality and independence, which are common purposes that teenagers try to achieve.

But tattoos are more of an expression of one’s self, rather than a key to break free from social norms or to gain personal independence. Through tattoos, a person finds himself, and represents himself with the designs and patterns he opted to be placed on his skin. Somehow it is a way to empower oneself, especially when emotional oppressors are sinking in.

Many people experience happiness through tattoos, and no one can take it away from them. Some people may not understand why there are those who would love to stain their selves with body art, but then again its happiness and it only needs a little understanding.

Describing tattoos

Tattoos come in different sizes, shapes, forms, colors, and patterns. Some are huge and are overwhelming with lines and curves, while others are quite miniature and cute. Others have an actual picture, but others would seem puzzling, and only the tattoo owner can understand what it is all about.

Choosing the tattoo designs is the most challenging part for many tattoo fanatics. It takes a long time to get decided, because these forms of body art are permanent and can only be removed through laser. Some may cost more bucks, especially if it entails a complex pattern. Tattoo shops have designs that are ready to be applied, and the customer does not need to do anything but to choose. But if the customer wants to make his own design, tattoo artist would examine first if it is possible and of course how much it will cost.

Designing tattoos

Some of the famous tattoo designs that are usually chosen by tattoo enthusiasts are tribal tattoos. Actually, there are dozens of tribal tattoos to choose from, and many of these came from unique tribes and cultures, such as the Maori tribe of New Zealand, the Aztec tribe of Mexico, and the Celtic tribe of Europe. There are also tribal tattoo designs influenced by Asian cultures.

Another set of designs of tattoos are butterfly tattoos. These are the top choices of women. Butterfly tattoos are very attractive to look at, especially if the wings are multi-colored. These tattoos symbolize femininity, independence, and freedom.

Heart tattoos symbolizes romance and passion for love. These are top picks of lovers or of persons in love. Heart tattoos are fun, especially if the name of one’s crush or admiration is written inside it.

Angel tattoos would usually represent religious beliefs, but tattoo artist nowadays have created designs of angel tattoos to represent romance and seduction. But no worries, ladies who adore an innocent angel can always opt for happy and childlike angel tattoo designs.

There are dozens more of designs to choose from. These include dolphins, fishes, flowers, guns, flags, and horses. In fact, anyone can even personalize his name. Just present to the tattoo artist how the name would look like as a tattoo and he will do the job.


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