The Secret of Beautiful Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Who doesn’t know what a lower back tattoo design looks like today? The myspace crowd is downright rabid for the latest tribal art or logo in this area. Tattoo designs in this very intimate location always draw attention. For the most part women get lower back tattoos and search for them online first. Honestly lower back tattoos are beautiful if applied correctly.

Who Has the Hottest Lower Back Tattoo Designs?

It is very easy to find gorgeous lower back tattoo designs on the Web. Simply type in “lower back tattoo designs” to google or your favorite search engine. Here is another trick, Google image search. Type the same lower back tattoo search into Google and click on “Images”. Instant list of tattoo design pictures appears in your browser. Tribal tattoos or some other well liked lower back designs include celtic, butterfly, flower, and dragon tattoos. Feel free to create your own hybrid tattoo design by combining two of the types mentioned as well.

Lower Back Tattoo Placement is Part of the Fun

You can share your lower back tattoo with others by wearing low-cut jeans or a midriff baring top. This tattoos very location is meant to be seen by others. It’s narrow minded to only think of the sexual motivations for this tattoo. Lower back tattoos are symbolic and meaningful to their owner.

Usually placed over the kidneys or just above the buttocks crease lower back tattoo designs accent the female form. You can kept this tattoo hidden while at work and show it off nights and weekends wherever you may go. Whomever gets to see your tattoo artwork is truly blessed.

How To Save Time Preparing for Your Lower Back Tattoo Design

When getting a lower back tattoo prepare to lay on your stomach for at least 1 hour. Some say that it is best to get your ink while stretched out sitting backwards in a chair though. It is also required that you prepare a clean hairless surface for your tattoo artist to work with. Remember to dress appropriately to give your tattoo artist room to work on your lower back area. Afterwards wear loose waist pants for a few days to allow your new tattoo to heal properly and not disturb the art.

Please be aware that almost a quarter of people who get tattoos regret their decision after being inked. Take your time and think about what you are going to do. Find several pictures of what you want on your back before you go in to the tattoo shop. It can cost up to ten times what you paid for a tattoo to have one removed later.

Celebrity Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Lower back tattoos and celebrities go hand in hand it seems. Avril Lavigne once had a temporary tattoo placed at the top of her butt area for an MTV music awards ceremony performance. Adult film star Jill Kelly has a nice tribal piece on her lower back. Singer and actress Mariah Carey was recently seen sporting a butterfly on her lower back. Actress Charisma Carpenter has tribal sun design on her lower back. Lisa Sparxxx, adult film star, has a large lower back tattoo of a star and flames around it.

When you are ready to get your lower back tattoo done, do it right. Do your research and get a unique design that you will be happy with for years to come. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get more attention, just accent your natural beauty with a hot tattoo!

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