What women really think of your tattoo

You love your body art – but have you ever wondered what potential partners might think of it? It you’re interested to know what women really think of your ink, then you’ll be pleased to hear the outcome of a survey. According to dating app Type, which carried out research into this area, two thirds of women are definitely into it.

The majority of women have a preference for ink

The research found that 64 per cent of women who gave a preference said they’re attracted to men with tattoos. In fact, they were actively looking to date men with permanent body art. The same was found to be the case for those looking for a same-sex partner.

So, why would women and men view ‘some’ tattoos as attractive? Well, there are plenty of reasons. Gone are the days of tattoos being taboo. Thankfully, these days the art is much more widely appreciated and revered. And here’s why.

Display your artistic side

 Depending on how ‘arty’ your tattoos are they can really show off your creative side. And that can be very attractive to prospective partners. Some will like the beauty of real life portraits, whereas others may fall in love with your colourful Japanese tattoos.

Good tinder bios for guys should help give prospective partners an insight into what you’re about, fellas, and ink can highlight your artistic side. And if you’ve got an awesome tattoo style that you want to show off, you certainly should!

Show that you’re cultured

 The style of tattoo you go for can say a lot about you, especially to those who know what the meaning behind you tattoo may be. Again, this is totally dependent on what you have. Someone’s name might not do the trick, but a passage of poetry may well. It could be clear that your artwork comes from a certain culture or region of the world, and that can highlight your cultural side too.

 Entice with a little mystery

 Tattoos are cool. And you really love yours. But, as with anything in life, it’s always good to leave a little mystery. In your dating app profile pic it might be that your slightly rolled up cuff gives a nod to your amazing sleeve, or your open neck shirt allows a glimpse into your stunning chest piece.

Whilst the temptation is to lay everything out there, intrigue and a little mystery can turn good tinder bios for guys into great ones. And when they see your ink in all its glory on that first date, it’ll help you make a good first impression in real life.

Now you know that most women really do find tattoos attractive, you can use yours to your advantage – or even get more ink. It’s always good to add to the collection, right?

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